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Are Pacific Parrotlets good first parrots?

Are Pacific Parrotlets good first parrots?

Pacific Parrotlets make great first parrots! They're small, relatively inexpensive for a parrot, docile, and very quiet.

They come in a variety of colors, from blue to yellow, and their natural color, a striking green! No matter what color you get, these birds are always beautiful.

They're also very good with kids. One person with a three year old told me that their Pacific Parrotlet got along better with their son than the dogs did. Parrotlets are very gentle and will get along with the entire family.

Pacific Parrotlets retain the parrot intelligence in a small package. They can usually learn up to 15 words and understand the meaning. The key to training your parrotlet to talk is repetition. You need to repeat the phrase you want your bird to say over and over again.

Parrotlets do not scream like other parrots do. Instead you will just hear them sing their high pitched bird songs. They sound much like the birds outside in the morning do.

The downside to Parrotlets is they can be territorial. If left unsupervised they will attack birds much larger than themselves sometimes causing injury or death. Do not leave your parrotlet unsupervised around other birds!

Please make an informed decision before purchasing a Parrotlet. No parrot should ever be an impulse buy!