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How smart are African Grey Parrots?

How smart are African Grey Parrots?

African Grey Parrots have the mental and emotional capacity of a 5 year old human. They are the smartest of all parrots.

Although not guaranteed to talk, African Greys are the most proficient talkers of all parrots. African Greys can acquire a huge vocabulary and generally know what the words mean.

They are fast learners and can be taught a variety of tricks. From bowling to basketball, African Greys can learn very impressive tricks.

These flying Einsteins can make great pets. They form strong bonds with their human owners, often greeting the owner by his or her name. They can say "I love you" and they know what it means. 

This intelligence comes at a cost. This is not a bird that will be great with a workaholic. You need to spend hours and hours per day with your African Grey, or he will become depressed and bored. It's also important to replace the toys in his cage more often than other parrots, as the African Greys extreme intelligence will cause him to get bored of the toys more quickly than other parrots.

That being said, African Greys are some of the most rewarding parrots to own. Please make a well researched and informed decision before adopting an African Grey. They should never be purchased as an impulse buy!